Miss J Arrowsmith 

Head of School, Deputy DSL, Curriculum and Assessment Lead, T&L Co-Lead, Behaviour Lead 

Mrs K Cross 

Deputy Head Teacher, Year 5 teacher, Lead DSL, T&L Co-Lead, Disadvantaged Lead

Mrs L Stirrop  

Assistant Head Teacher, Year 6 Teacher and English Lead, Deputy DSL 

Mrs S Whettell  


Miss J Perry 

Mr A Moffat 

Assistant Head Teacher, Year 3 Teacher and Maths Lead, Deputy DSL 


SENCo, Geography Co-Lead and TIAAS Champion 

MAT PD Lead and Behaviour Co-Lead

Mrs S Grimer 

EYFS Teacher, PE and EYFS Lead  

Miss A Spencer  

EYFS Teacher and Computing Lead 

Mrs L Jones 

Mrs S Desogus 

Year 1 Teacher and History co Lead 

Year 1 teacher, staff mental health advocate and OPAL/outdoor learning lead 

Mr B Bestwick 

Year 1 Teacher (Year 2 ECT) 

Mrs L Bestwick  

Year 2 Teacher, MFL and Phonics/ KS1 Reading Lead Teacher 

Mr J Wilson 

Miss T Smith 

Year 2 Teacher and Science Co-Lead

Year 3 Teacher, KS1 Oracy Champion and D and T Lead 

Miss B Palmer 

Year 4 Teacher, lower KS2 Oracy Champion and Geography Co-Lead

Miss N Llarinas 

Year 4 Teacher and History Co-Lead

Miss F McGillivray 

Year 5 Teacher and Science co Lead and Eco-Schools Lead 

Miss L Baillie  

Year 5 Teacher, upper KS2 Oracy Champion and Art Lead 

Miss C Bonner 

Year 6 Teacher Music, History lead and Oracy Lead 

Mrs J Smith

Specialist Art and DT Teacher

Mrs M Latham 

Teacher and PD and Rights Respecting Lead (Maternity Leave) 


Teaching Assistants 


Miss M Begum 

Teaching Assistant  

Mrs N Teeling 

Teaching Assistant  

Mrs C Ankcorn  

Teaching Assistant  

Mrs S Close 

Teaching Assistant  

Mrs S Scott Reid  

Teaching Assistant 

Miss S Evans 

Teaching Assistant  

Miss K Lippe 

Teaching Assistant  

Mrs S White  

Learning Mentor and TIAAS champion 




Mrs C Robinson 

Pastoral Manager, DSL and TIAAS champion 


Sports Coach 


Mr R Brooks  

Sports Coach and TIAAS champion 


Admin Team 


Mr C Bell 

Office Manager  

Mrs N Boston 


Mrs D Pritchett  



Site Team 


Mr S Rose 

Site Manager 


Cleaning Team  


Mrs S Davis 


Mrs D Rose 


Ms A Tchato 

Mrs V D’Auncey 




Midday Supervisors 


Mrs D Pritchett 

Mrs S Davis 

Midday Supervisor

Midday Supervisor

Mrs T Bellamy 

Midday Supervisor

Miss Ryder 

Midday Supervisor

Mrs V D’Auncey 

Midday Supervisor

Miss T Jones 

Midday Supervisor 

Miss M Jones 

Midday Supervisor

Mrs A Watts 

Midday Supervisor

Mrs M Massey 

Midday Supervisor

Miss L Williams 

Miss K Meah

Midday Supervisor

Midday Supervisor