The Green Meadow VR Room!

We are proud to announce the opening of our very own VR room and Mission Control room in the Learning Hub at Green Meadow!  The VR room is a first of its kind in England and has been designed and created to enhance our already exciting curriculum, making it possible for children to go to and explore places they have never been to in geography, shoot through space in science and travel back in time in history without ever leaving school!  

Since launching this new and exciting resource in April 2023, all of the children in school have had the opportunity to take part in lessons and they have learned so much.

Take a look at what our children have told us:

"The VR room is amazing. I thought I was in a dream. I really thought I was in a different place completely and I loved that you could be in a distant place and see everything there without having to travel anywhere. Wow!"

"I think the VR room is an incredible resource which will enhance our learning in the curriculum because instead of just imagining things you are learning about, you can actually see them and experience them. I've used VR before but it wasn't as good as what we have just done in school." 

"I liked getting used to how to control where I went and being able to interact with different things. It was like you were really there."

"The room is fantastic. It's like travelling to the future. I love all of the lights and that you can change them."

"I feel proud that we have the only VR room in the country. It makes me feel really lucky to be in a school with the best resources."

"It was strange getting used to the controls and the headsets but once I got more confident, I loved it."