Parents' Views of Our School

We value all feedback we receive from parents and regularly send home questionnaires to collect up to date information. 
Please read some of the comments parents made about our Green meadow primary school this term (June 2023).


We really appreciate the rounded approach to academic achievement, pastoral care and personal development.

My child loves OPAL and the different approach to outdoor activities.

The VR room inspires pupils!

We are your biggest fans, constantly telling local people to have their kids come to Green Meadow.

My children are very happy at school and enjoy learning. An excellent selection of school clubs are offered year round. OPAL play has been fantastic and I think it’s great that the children are encouraged to use their imaginative play on their breaks.

 Children are treated with dignity, respect, compassion and gentleness. We, of course, also hugely recognise and respect and appreciate (and don’t take for granted or underestimate!) every ounce of effort that goes into subjects, projects, all the academic improvements that I know you’re making and working hard on, as you should… but for us, all that is secondary to the atmosphere and the culture and the interactions between teachers and children.


All staff are really friendly and approachable.

Staff are a delight and a credit to the school.

I appreciate the visibility of the leadership, present and knowledgeable and available.

From day one, I, as a parent, absolutely love the school. I get help and support from the teachers. Thank you so much.

I appreciate the willingness to engage in conversations with parents to find out how the kids are…I feel able to approach the class teacher with any questions or concerns.


OPAL lunchtime activities are fantastic!

I have been very happy with how the school has dealt with my child, from making the initial referrals for diagnosis of autism and ADHD (which I was initially apprehensive about) to him being fully supported in making learning work for him and his needs. I have also been very happy with how understanding the school have been about not just my child’s needs but also us as a family.  All in all I have no complaints, I think it's a wonderful school with wonderful staff and I am so happy that he ended up here. I would recommend to any other parent.

I feel Green Meadow is exceeding well beyond measures.

My daughter is a new starter but she said she is happy. She’s got a lot of friends and support from her teachers.

My child is very happy at school and enjoys coming in every day.  Any issues she has had, her teacher has been amazing to speak with and these are resolved straight away.

Green Meadow Primary School is doing really well.

My child is happy at school and she loves it!

Workshops have been amazing and Green Meadow promotes a love of learning through stimulating topics/trips/homework and challenges.

OPAL play is very engaging, promoting enjoyment and enabling KS2 children to still have access to play and follow their own interests. 

The Outdoor Learning and swimming lessons this year were amazing!

The school have been amazing with my child even before her diagnosis.  Very happy mom and daughter!

I really value the school and its staff.  My child has flourished in Green Meadow and continues to do so.

My child is very happy in school. 

Great school and great teaching staff!