Parents' Views of Our School

We value all feedback we receive from parents and regularly send home questionnaires to collect up to date information. 
Please read some of the comments parents' made about our lockdown provision - January 2021


We’ve been really impressed with all that’s been offered and the range of ways of accessing the learning, with the provision of paper packs alongside online. We’ve loved the tone too, of encouraging everyone to participate but an acknowledgement of the difficulties and unique challenges people will face.  Great job.


I think the school are doing an incredible job supporting the children through lockdown. I think the teachers have worked really hard and have communicated well throughout.  The feedback works well and keeps the child motivated.  We are very appreciative of all of the hard work and effort the staff at Green Meadow are doing throughout this lockdown.


I’m so impressed by the work you’ve done to achieve something that is interactive and user friendly. Thank you.


I think you are providing the most amazing learning opportunities for the children who are in school, learning remotely or working from the paper packs! I have heard lots of positive comments from lots of parents.  Well done GMPS.


All of the teachers are doing a fab job. Thank you.


I think you are all doing an amazing job in crazy times! Thank you!


Everything we need is there to access.


Green Meadow is doing a fab job. Learning from home is difficult and different and sometimes frustrating but you’re all doing the utmost to support the children so thank you.


School is doing a great job and my child is really enjoying the lessons.


The live lessons have been really well received by both children – the timetabled structure has helped. It has been a struggle to get the initial engagement as children never like to do what their parents say!  teachers have made such an effort that my children have been won round!


As a school you have got the balance right and are supporting our individual needs.


Keep going! You are doing a fabulous job in very challenging times!


The communication and understanding are great. I know the resources are there if needed as I am working flexibly around my own work commitments.


In year 1, the learning is varied and engaging.


Thank you for helping us by providing laptops. The live lessons are great!


Teams is working exceptionally well for our child. We are amazed at how well the school are providing such great learning every day. 


If I’ve needed anything, I’ve contacted school and they have been sure to help me out. I don’t think school could do any better. Thank you!