Communication is one of our key curriculum drivers at Green Meadow and we are a school committed to transforming the learning and life chances of all of our children through talk, so that all pupils can use their voice for success in school and in life.  As such, we have a high focus on developing Oracy for all pupils. We are part of Voice 21 Oracy Project and are currently aiming to become a centre of excellence in this area.

All year groups plan for meaningful opportunities for the children to develop their Oracy skills throughout the year. Through a high quality Oracy education, children at Green Meadow learn through talk and to talk in order to develop and deepen their subject knowledge and understanding.  Talk is planned, designed, modelled, scaffolded and structured to enable all of our pupils to learn the skills needed to talk effectively.  The deliberate, explicit and systematic teaching of Oracy across school and throughout the curriculum support children to make progress in the four strands of physical, linguistic, cognitive, and social and emotional skills to enable them to become successful and skilled communicators. Oracy is something which is entwined throughout the curriculum at Green Meadow. Opportunities for developing Oracy skills are actively planned in all areas of the curriculum and pupils are encouraged to speak in full, accurate sentences, using a range of sentence starters. Teachers actively correct mistakes made. Pupils use hand signals in class to show their agreement or disagreement with answers to questions made by their peers along with a signal to build upon an answer. 

Throughout their time at school, all of the children at Green Meadow have the opportunity to present their ideas to a range of different audiences. Over the past two years, we have developed Oracy further by making explicit links between Oracy and No Outsiders and our work in this area stands out and culminates in children from Year 6 taking part in the annual Speak Up! Speak Out! competition.  As you will see from the video below, children at Green Meadow have the toolkit to become highly effective communicators and rich opportunities in which to use their voice.


 Speak Up Speak Out Competition 2023

We are proud to announce that Green Meadow came first in this year's Speak Up Speak Out Competition.  

Have a look at our winning entry performed at the MAC in Birmingham.